Hurricane Prep

Hurricane Prep

Just ran out to Home Depot to see if I could pick up a couple of backup sump pumps- wow, what a circus! They have a big stack of pumps next to a big stack of hoses just inside the front door- what they don’t tell you is that those hoses won’t fit those pumps without an adapter- and they don’t have any of those. I managed to piece together adapters from 2 or 3 parts in the plumbing parts aisle for me and a woman and her son who were looking very lost, but I wonder how many people have got home with a pump and hose that are basically useless!

From there I went on to get gas for the generator that runs the sump pumps in case we lose power (which I will spend tomorrow morning overhauling)- and the gas stations are getting pretty wild too with people cutting in line and getting pretty hot under the collar.

Now I shall go and try and relax by walking the dog through the woods while the paths are all still clear!

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