Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene

So, here are our plans for the next couple of days. The town of Emerald Isle just sent out an email newsletter with an advisory and the news that there will be a town meeting this morning to decide about evacuations etc. It seems likely that there will be one, but we have decided to leave tomorrow morning anyway. The effects of the storm are supposed to really start to be felt here in the Outer Banks Saturday morning, and then it makes it’s way up the coast, reaching NYC sometime on Sunday, this way we should be ahead of it and get home with 18-24 hours to get ready at home. I booked a pet-friendly motel room in Quantico, Va (just south of DC, almost exactly half way home) for tomorrow night a couple of days ago just in case, and it looks like we will need to use it.

It’s a shame to have to leave 2 days early, but better safe than sorry! And even if we were not forced to evacuate and stayed through the storm it would then probably take us 3 or 4 days to drive home as we’d be driving right up through the area that had just been hit by the storm. At this stage I’m hoping they do call a mandatory evacuation, because if they do our insurance kicks in and we may get some money back.

So, this morning we are going to go visit Fort Macon (as the weather right now is gorgeous), and then do a bit of souvenir shopping on the way back. Then after lunch we’ll pack up the trailer and the van so we can be ready to leave quickly if things change. Then we’ll plan on leaving bright and early Friday morning.

Updates as conditions warrant 🙂

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