Good morning Irene

Good morning Irene

Well, so far so good 🙂

I’ve just done a quick walk around the church property and it looks like all the work we recently had done on the roofs and gutters and taking dead branches out of the trees was well worth it! It’s raining pretty heavily and the wind is starting to pick up, lots of leaves and twigs blowing around, but so far no trees or big branches down. We still have power and internet, and even satellite reception for the TV. So far the boiler room (the lowest point in the building) is dry, and I just had to clear one drain in the alley outside our apartment windows that always gets clogged with holly leaves (I’ll be checking that one every few hours!).

All the cars in the lot are from people who live down on Grapal St. where it always floods.

Wish us luck as the strongest winds are supposed to be upon us for the next few hours 🙂

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