Damn kids’ll shock you every time!

Damn kids’ll shock you every time!

Years ago we took Crispy to the dentist and never made through the whole exam- he lost his mind! Since then we’ve been really bad and not had the nerve to go back- I mean it’s been known to take 2 or 3 of us to hold him down for the eye drops when we take him for an eye exam- he’s a little bit medical phobic!

Then, this summer, we got the standard medical forms from his school, including one that has to be signed by his dentist, so we decided we had to do something.

So we contacted our dentist to see if we could get a referral to a paediatric dentist who is used to dealing with problem children. Well, long story short, after multiple phone calls over weeks to dentists, dental departments at hospitals and our dental insurance company, we finally found out today that we had got a pre-approved referral to a paediatric dentist in New Rochelle and we just had to make an appointment. So I called them and found out that they don’t take kids Crispy’s age- he’s too old and we’ve obviously left it too late.

At this point we have almost decided to bite the bullet (sic) and go to the dentist that Robyn takes her kids to but who doesn’t take out insurance and just pay for it. But after a brief conference Jackie and I decide to go with one last try at our regular dentist and try some serious bribery of the video game variety, so I call and they have an opening at 5pm today (by now it is 4:15).

Jackie bravely volunteered to take him while I go and walk the dog, dreading the sound of my cell phone ringing and wondering what I would owe her for this one.

Well, apparently he went in at 5:05, sat down, had an exam, X-rays, a cleaning and a fluoride treatment and was out at 5:16 and told, “see you in 6 months”. He has 4 small cavities but they’re in baby teeth so they’re not going to bother with them, and he was just fine throughout the whole thing! Damn kid, all that angst for nothing- Jackie said she felt like a right fool.

Just shows to go ya, he’s growing up and we need to give him credit for that and have more faith in him- wonderful boy!

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