Cablevision Cluster-F**k

Cablevision Cluster-F**k

Brandon moved out on Friday and transferred his cable account to his new apartment.

Today, when we got back from the Farmer’s Market we noticed an Optimum truck parked by the pole outside the parking lot. When we got inside Crisp noticed that our internet access wasn’t working- putting 2 and 2 together we deduced that the truck had come to disconnect his cable but had screwed up and disconnected ours instead- of course the truck outside was long gone by then.

After about 40 minutes on hold I got through to them and they checked and confirmed that that’s what had happened.They said someone would come out to fix it between now and 8pm, but I explained that we were going to be at the movies until about 5:30pm. They took my cell number and said they would call before they came- I explained that my cell would be turned off while I was at the movies- they said that was all they could do.

So of course 10 minutes before we left the movies and I turned my phone back on they called and left a message saying the tech was there and needed to get in. I called them from the car as we drove home and asked them to send the tech back if he had left (along the way discovering that if you just hit “0” 10 or 20 times in a row really fast you can bypass the computerised messages and be transferred to a real person). When we got home the tech had gone, but our internet was back up (yay). Knowing that it couldn’t be that easy I went and checked the church internet- it had been disconnected!

Back on the phone with them and this time I could escalate the ticket really easily as the church account is a business one. About 10 minutes after getting off the phone a tech calls from Port Chester to say he’s on his way. He shows up and goes up a ladder on the pole and fixes things- but I don’t let him leave ’til I’ve double checked everything!

So the dog got walked a little late because I had to wait around for the last tech, but at least now everything is working, for now- wait until Rory moves in upstairs and wants cable or internet, I wonder what they can screw up then …

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