Very excited!

Very excited!

I can’t wait for the summer proper! Since we got our SCUBA diving certifications in Tobago last summer I have been very jealous of Crispy because we found a SCUBA course that ran over the winter in a local swimming pool, and he has repeated it 3 times! It’s for kids and is really below his skill level, but it’s kept him in the water once a week.

But now I get to join him! Jackie’s Father’s Day gift to me is a weekend diving in a flooded quarry in Pennsylvania in July. It’s called Dutch Springs and it looks like a fabulous place: they have sunk all manner of things to make the diving interesting- from a helicopter and a small plane to a tractor and a school bus. We’re going to go with a group from the dive shop that Crispy’s instructor runs who are going to do their certification dives, so we’ll camp and socialise with them, and they’ll bring gear for us to use, but then we’ll have the choice of diving with them or just going off and doing our own thing as a diving buddy pair 🙂 Crispy is all set, but as I haven’t been in the water with gear since Tobago, I will have to do a refresher pool dive in a couple of weeks in the Rye Y pool.

THEN, I’ve just got off the phone from booking a half day’s diving while we are in North Carolina in August! I had sent emails to a bunch of Dive Shops down there, and I picked these people, Discovery Diving, as they seemed very positive and were fine with Crispy’s depth limitation (until he’s 12 he’s supposed to go no deeper than 40′). So we are booked for a dive, most probably to the ship above, the SS Indra, a Landing craft repair ship that was sunk as an artificial reef about 6 miles off the NC coast in 1992. Although she’s sitting in 70′ of water, her deck is at 30′, so she’ll be a perfect dive for us 🙂

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