Mystery solved

Mystery solved

I take Holly to Saxon Woods pretty much every day (as you will see if you check out my other blog), and most days we pass this little chain-link enclosed compound (it’s just next to the stream where Holly likes to cool off, which is at the bottom of the hill,  downstream of the bridge I photograph every day). And I have always wondered what it is: there are banks of electrical gear, a generator, and a big hatch leading down into the ground.

Could it be a mini hydro-electric plant,  harnessing the stream; or could it be a listening post for some unknown government agency, or an entrance to some kind of underground shelter? All I knew until yesterday was that it must be something important as the dirt road to it is plowed before the road to the parking lot when it snows,  and it seems to visited by workers every day.

Well,  yesterday I finally came along when there was someone here so I could ask, and it’s nothing glamorous or exciting, it’s a sewage pumping station for the bathrooms up by the parking lot and the houses at the top of the hill on the other side of the woods- and right now it’s lost power so they’re having to run it’s generator and pump into a mobile tank.

Or at least that’s their story…

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