Blazing a trail ;)

Blazing a trail ;)

Before: annoying deadfalls making the trail narrow 🙁

As I walk Holly around Saxon Woods I’ve been bothered by some deadfalls on one section of the path. These are some small trees that came down months ago in the winter storms, and have been blocking the path ever since.

Normally I actually quite like the organic nature of the trails in the woods and the way that the trails change and adapt as trees fall and block them and new paths get trodden smooth as people find routes around them. But this section of the path just annoyed me- the trees that fell are not big enough to make a permanent barrier, but they are too big to either just shoulder out of the way or snap. And the section of trail they blocked is quite straight and runs between a stream and a rocky bank, so what ended up happening was that everyone just squeezed by next to them on the narrow section of trail that was left as the ground between the trail and the stream just gets soggy and becomes a muddy mess when it rains.

Pocket Chainsaw

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands (as I guess the local authorities have better things to spend their money on than the trails in the woods in these difficult times) and I ordered a “pocket chainsaw” from Amazon that arrived today. It was quite well reviewed and is a cut (ha ha) above the pocket saws I have used in the past that are usually just wire with an abrasive coating. This is 24″ of bike chain with chainsaw blades every couple of inches, but unlike a chainsaw chain they are set in both directions so it cuts on both strokes as you pull it back and forth. It comes with a nice nylon belt pouch and good, big nylon webbing loop handles that are quite comfortable to grip.

After: nice clear trail for all to enjoy 🙂

So, today on my walk I set about tackling the deadfalls on the trail, and the new saw made short work of it! The thickest tree I had to cut through was about 3″ in diameter and I zipped through it in less than 2 minutes, and breezed through the smaller stuff.

So, with less than 15 minutes work cutting off the trunks blocking the path and hauling them and the other debris out of the way the path was clear 🙂

The saw has now been cleaned and oiled and put in the back of the car ready for the next time I need to do my civic duty, a good addition to my other essential dog-and-hiking gear!

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