Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone

I just had the most bizarre phone conversation!
I got home from the hospital to grab Holly and take her out for a walk in the woods (where I am now)  to find 7 messages on the phone from a florist who was trying to deliver flowers and couldn’t find the apartment (there were already flowers by the door when I arrived, but I think I know who they are from).

So on the way to Saxon Woods I called the florist (having looked up his number that he hadn’t left) and spent 15 minutes trying to explain that I hadn’t answered the phone because I was at the hospital, and that I was going back so I explained where he could leave the flowers, but I seriously think the man had problems (he said he was the owner). I still don’t know if I got through to him- we’ll have to see if the flowers are there later!

Anyhow, after about 10 minutes I finally got him to read me the card, the flowers are from my Mum and Dad for Jackie.  So thanks, she’ll be touched by the flowers and will enjoy the laughs when I tell her the story later 🙂

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