ATLAS & P-body

ATLAS & P-body

After dinner (yummy homemade pizza), Jackie went off to watch the “Dancing with the people I’ve never heard of Stars” results show, so Crisp and I spent a happy hour or so trying out the cooperative game that is included with Portal 2.
You each play as one of the two robots above (ATLAS and P-body), and the puzzles you have to solve now require that you work together. So you have to shoot portals for each other, or one of you must manipulate a laser beam to clear obstacles while the other runs through the obstacles the laser beam has cleared. It’s really good! Crisp (who loved to watch and yell advice when I was playing the original Portal, but didn’t like to play it himself) got the hang of it immediately, and was actually taking the lead and telling me what to do in a lot of it!

I’m not sure what they’ve done to the control interface, but either they’ve tweaked things or I’m just getting more used to the XBox controller. I played through the original Portal on my computer using keyboard and mouse, and though I picked up a used copy of the Orange Box (the set the original was part of) for the XBox 360 when we got it I never really played it that much as I couldn’t get used to the controller. I did start playing it over the last week or so to get back into the world of the game before the new one came out, and to try and get used to the controller (and to get used to these joystick extender things I got called FPS Freeks), and I’m not sure if it’s the practice, the gadgets or the new game, but I’m finding it much easier to control 🙂

I made the conscious decision to get Portal 2 for the XBox rather than the computer version mostly because of the co-op part of the game- on the PC version you need it on 2 computers and you play together via the network, but on the XBox version you use two controllers and play split-screen. I wanted to be able to play with Crisp on the big-screen TV in the living room, and so far I think I definitely made the right decision!

So Portal 2 single player and co-op: so far two enthusiastic thumbs up! I would go and play some more tonight, but Crispy has gone to bed and he made me promise not to play any of the single player mode without him!

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