We’re sitting here enjoying(?) an odd mix of smells this evening.

The pipe that they dug up today in the kitchen had obviously been leaking for years- the more of the soil around it they dug up, the ranker the smell became. The plumber’s answer for this was to go out and buy a gallon of PineSol and liberally douse the soil with it; fortunately he also bought a bunch of bags of sand to spread over the top, which has gone some way to dampening down the smells.

We came in from dinner (Applebees after Crispy’s focus group) and it was a little pungent in the apartment to say the least, so at my suggestion Jackie lit a couple of her nice vanilla candles. So now it smells of a lovely mix of sewer, chemical pine and vanilla ;(

Anyway, here are a couple of better pictures of that pipe, you can really see why we had to do what we’re doing!

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