Kitchen sewer

Kitchen sewer

Step 7: start packing up the kitchen and rearranging the sitting room so it can house all the essentials we will need for a week sans kitchen.

This corner of the kitchen is is the first to be cleared, The fridge will eventually go in the sitting room in this doorway to block it.
A few of the many bags of stuff we threw out this evening- that’s one good thing about this whole process- It’s forcing us to spring clean 🙂
And here is the sitting room (we’ve switched it to “summer mode” with the sofa in front of the fireplace to gain some more floor space) starting to look like a bedsit- with the freezer, the pet’s food cabinet and a shelf of paper plates for us to eat off.

Tomorrow we need to finish emptying the cabinets and clearing all the shelves and countertops, and then start covering all the cabinets that are not being removed with plastic to try and keep them clean when they start breaking into the concrete under the floor.

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