Chico in the rain :)

Chico in the rain :)

We have Chico staying with us for a few days while Robyn & David deal with Jacob having pneumonia and being in the hospital.

When Chico stays with us he has to fit in with Holly’s schedule- which means 2 or 3 miles around the woods every afternoon. Everyone says he doesn’t do rain- so I was interested to see how he would deal with it today as it’s absolutely pissing down.

He did fine, in fact he seemed to enjoy himself romping about- yes, that white blur in the picture is Chico at full speed 🙂

He does give Holly funny looks when she tears off after a tennis ball and then comes back and leaps in the nearest stream or puddle, but he does lots of exploring of his own.

And he’s awfully cute when he’s just been towelled dry.

Now, if we could just do something about the whining and the barking like crazy when anyone walks by outside our apartment…

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