The ice storm cometh!

The ice storm cometh!

Just got the word that school is closed- thank goodness! Everything is covered in about an inch of ice and it’s extremely treacherous!

I’ve just come in from spending about 40 minutes chipping my way into the boiler room (and cursing the decision to do away with the inner door into it from the AA room about 14 years ago!) because one of the boiler alarms went off at 4:55am.

Jackie’s school is apparently opening at 11:30, but I hope that changes because her car is encased in ice and it’s a skating rink underfoot!

Right, quick cup of coffee and back out- not sure how to tackle this one- I think the snowblower is just gonna skate over the top of this ice, so I fear it’s going to be a case of hand chipping and shovelling and using up my rapidly dwindling supply of ice-melter 🙁

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