I’m done!

I’m done!

At least for the day!

I waited ’til 10 (when the temperature just broke freezing) and then went out. The sidewalks needed a four stage approach:
1. pound down on the ice every 6 inches with the ice chopper to break the surface
2. then run the ice chopper along the sidewalk to lift the ice from the concrete/stone
3. run the snowblower along to break up the chunks of ice and blow it away
4. sprinkle a very light coat of ice melter to take care of anything left and prevent refreeze tonight.
This meant that I did the sidewalks in 50 yard sections, slow and steady wins the race 🙂
So, finally all the street sidewalks are done, along with the fire exits for the nursery school and the parish hall kitchen. Tomorrow I have to tackle the columbarium pathways and all the various doorways of the church (including the stupid ramp, which is usually almost as bad as the nursery school lower exit- see this previous post for my feelings on that!).
I feel kind of bad that I didn’t get to take the dog out for a proper walk- she had to make do with 10 minutes of chasing a tennis-ball around the parking lot- we should get back out to the woods tomorrow. But for now I’m shot. I see a hot bath and an early night in my future!

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