A few days ago Amazon put all BBC DVDs on sale, so I took the chance to grab a copy of the Doctor Who story The Three Doctors that was originally broadcast in 1973.

Why would I buy this particular DVD? Because my Dad was the villain, Omega, that required the combined power of three Doctors to defeat!

It doesn’t really stand the test of time- the sets and the effects are pretty hokey. But the story is still good- and Dad is awesome! I just watched the DVD with the commentary by Barry Letts (the producer), Nick Courtney (the Brigadier) and Katy Manning (Jo Grant- the companion to Jon Pertwee’s Doctor), and they are most complimentary about Dad and point out what is also mentioned in the official BBC episode guide to this story- that he had to do the whole thing from behind a mask (“…Omega provides a suitably awe-inspiring threat for such an auspicious occasion and constitutes a superb addition to the ranks of megalomaniacal crazies that have appeared over the years. Stephen Thorne gives a bravura performance in the role, and almost steals the show. This is all the more impressive considering that his head is totally encased in a mask and he has to convey everything through just his voice and body movement…”). In fact Barry Letts says in the commentary that they hired him in particular for the part because he’s such an accomplished radio actor and they knew he could pull it off with just his voice.

As a side note, I remember watching this when it first aired (I would have been 9) and being crushed when he takes off his mask and there’s nothing under it- I wanted to see my Dad on TV!

It will be interesting to see Crispy’s reaction to this DVD- he’s a huge fan of the new incarnations of Doctor Who and I wonder what he will think of the old, low budget series. I’ll let you know what he thinks.

I’ve been looking for Dad’s other Doctor Who tour-de-force, The Daemons, but it doesn’t seem to be available on DVD, the only things I can find are expensive VHS copies and episodic videos at Dailymotion-

The Daemons Part 13
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