More snow than you can shake a snowblower at!

More snow than you can shake a snowblower at!

I was right- it’s about 15 inches of heavy, sticky snow. The first pass with the snowblower (just the sidewalks, none of the internal pathways or doorways) to get a single width path cut through took nearly 2 3/4 hours.

I’m just having a cup of coffee before I head out to adjust the snowblower blade for the next pass and go around again.

It was an odd storm, Rye schools are closed, as are NYC (which almost never close) but Jackie’s school is on a 2 hour delay so she’s about to head out.

The only bright spot, I suppose, is that this will be excellent snowshoe snow- if I can get finished in time to head to the woods before dark!

Update- 07:34- Jackie’s school just changed to being closed, but they have kids there who stayed the night so they could take an exam this morning, so now Jackie has to try and get hold of someone to find out if she should try and go in.

Further Update- 08:15- Jackie went in to work even though her school was officially closed. They are taking the kids who stayed over to one of the local high schools so they can take the test- she’s a good woman!

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