“Go clean your room”

“Go clean your room”

Crispy is desperate for some new Lego set, so we told him he needed to clean his room, get rid of some old toys he doesn’t play with, and then keep it clean, and we’ll give him a weekly allowance.

What this translated into was all three of us spending the last three hours working on his room. We’ve thrown out 5 big black garbage bags of crap, filled 4 big tubs of stuff to give away to other kids, taken the door off his closet so he can get at the stuff in it, and vacuumed, dusted and sorted our little hearts out. Now we’re all exhausted, so we’re leaving his bookshelves to go through another day.

It may still look full (you should’ve seen the “before” picture!), but he has a clean and organised room to start the new year with 🙂

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