Chip off the old p-block ?!?

Chip off the old p-block ?!?

I Just wanted to relate a slightly surreal car ride I had last night with my son.

Jackie was clearing up after hosting a candle party up in the guild room (think tupperware party but with candles- although I have to say that since electric light was made available to all I don’t see the point) when Crispy appeared and informed me that he’d just realised that he had to go to Gamestop (video game store) as today was the last day for him to download a free Pokemon to his Nintendo DS from their instore wifi. We decided to combine this with a lazy dinner of burgers from Wendy’s, so Crisp and I got in the car and headed off.

On the way Crispy decided to quiz me on the periodic table of elements– and not just “what’s the chemical symbol for sulphur”, no- he wanted to know things like: what sulphur is (a nonmetal), where boron resides on the table (in the p-block), and where in the table the transition metals are (the middle). I was able to answer about 75% of his questions correctly, but only because our shower curtain has the periodic table on it (I know- majorly geeky) so I see it every time I take a shower and sit and look at it whenever I go to the bathroom.

But it was certainly interesting being schooled on the periodic table by an 11-year-old on his way to get a free character for his video game!

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