Another snowstorm…

Another snowstorm…

…and the piles of snow in the parking lot keep on growing!

I’ve been out working on the sidewalks since 7 and have broken the snowblower twice: once I snapped the shear pins on the impeller trying to break through the pile of ice the f***wits  who drive the town plows had pushed into the neat cut-outs I had made at the top of Rectory St (thanks guys!!!- sarcasm), in the end I had to get an ice chopper to break my way through; and then I broke the chute control (that lets you direct where it blows the snow) when it jammed and must have pushed it too hard. Luckily I had spare shear pins so I was able to replace them, and I managed to finish the 1st pass without the chute control- but I’ll have to try and jury-rig something for it before I go out with it again. The next pass will be a hand shovel to clean up what the showblower couldn’t get, then a quick pass with the ice melter.

This novelty is beginning to wear of this shovelling game!

But at least I have a snowshoe tromp through the woods with Holly to look forward to later:)

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