A good day

A good day

It has been a strangely satisfying day.

I’ve just come in from spending and hour or so with a snow shovel touching up some of the sidewalks where the snow had drifted and spreading a bit of extra ice melter where it seems in danger of freezing, and Jackie has just brought me a nice, hot cup of wild-sweet-orange tea.

Clearing the snow from all the sidewalks this morning was damn hard work, but there’s a certain satisfaction in it too- maybe it’s the endorphins of hard, physical labour, or maybe the fact that you can turn around as you go and see the results of your work stretching out behind you. Then I got to go and use my new snowshoes and tramp a couple of miles around the woods watching Holly romping and playing in the snow. And then I got to ride down the hill a couple of times on a sled with my son and watching him having fun. And tonight it’s simple, comfort food for dinner- hot dogs and beans- after all the rich food of Christmas. Then we’ll make a fire and dim the lights and watch a movie.

A damn fine way to spend a day!

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