Be Vewy Qwiet….

Be Vewy Qwiet….

…we’re hunting wabbits!

We’ve just spent the last 20 minutes trapping a rabbit that Sasha brought into the apartment.

And I’m not talking a little bunny- no, this one was at least as big as Sasha. She’s pretty small as cats go, but this was at least a 5lb rabbit- I have no idea how she dragged it in through the cat flap! I’m not sure why she brings them in alive, maybe she thinks we (the humans and Holly) need practice hunting, or maybe she just enjoys the chaos that ensues!

We were sitting quietly watching A Christmas Story when we heard a commotion in the kitchen (this is not rare, Holly can’t control her love for the cat and the cat occasionally has enough). The next thing we know a blur of brown fur streaks in from the kitchen and disappears under the Christmas Tree, closely followed by Holly. After pulling gifts and things out of the way we discover the rabbit wedged in the tiny gap between Jackie’s computer desk and the wall.

Now Sasha does this a lot (though usually they’re much smaller) so we went into action like a well oiled machine: we closed all the bedroom doors, pulled the sofa out of the way, positioned Crispy with a flashlight and a fishing net as a perimeter defence while Jackie knelt at the far side of the desk with a box covering the opening as I gently pulled the desk out while encouraging Mr. Bugs with a broomhandle from the other side. And he obligingly ran right under the waiting box which Jackie slammed down over him. Then it was just a case of sliding a piece of wood under the box and carrying him out and releasing him outside.

So now we just have to sweep up the bunny hair and deal with a pissed off cat and a dog who doesn’t understand that the rabbit is no longer here so she’s pacing around trying to look under everything. Never a dull moment in this house!

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