Another year with Holly

Another year with Holly

I realised on our walk this afternoon (another fantastic snowshoe tromp through the woods) that today is Holly’s second “adopt-iversary”.

Holly on Christmas day this year

I went back and looked at my blog entry from the day we brought her home, and the one I wrote a year ago on our first anniversary.

Everything I wrote then still stands true today- she is a wonderful addition to our family and we are very lucky to have her. She is always pleased to see us when we come home. She is always ready to leap up from the comfort of a warm spot on the sofa to come out for a romp in the woods, whatever the weather, and we must have covered at least 2,000 miles together by now!

Holly in the woods as the snow began to fall on Sunday
She is still a little boisterous (she’s about 2 1/2 now), and is getting better but still has trouble greeting people without jumping up in excitement. But she is fantastic with kids and spent most of Christmas day chasing or being chased around the parish hall by Robyn’s kids, and though she did beg a little, she is not a thief and can be trusted not to take food from babies or the table 🙂
So, I thank the North Shore Animal League for not having any puppies the day we went looking 2 years ago- because of them we ended up at the Elmsford Shelter and found Holly. It was truly our lucky day!
Holly at 5 months old, the day we brought her home 2 years ago today

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  1. good for you for going to elmsford animal shelter. what a sweet thing you've done for your dog! if only more people would adopt.

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