A New Blog!

A New Blog!

If you are a regular reader here you will know that I have a dog, Holly (a short-haired border collie mix), who needs to be walked at least a couple of miles a day. Most days I take her to Saxon Woods in Mamaroneck and we do a loop of between 2 and 4 miles.

I love the walk around Saxon Woods, and I love watching the seasons change. So I decided it would be fun to post a picture of the same spot every day so I could look back at how the seasons change- but on a new blog so I didn’t bore everyone who looks at my regular blog to death! The spot I picked is a bridge over a small stream that we cross whichever loop we do, and the blog address is saxonwoods.blogspot.com

There will be gaps- sometimes we go to the other section of Saxon Woods, sometimes we go to the beach or further afield, but most days we cross this bridge and I will try and post a picture. And for the fun of it I may add other details, like the weather, or what is playing on my G2 at the moment I took the picture (I have almost 14GB of music on it and I usually just have it playing on full random while I’m walking the dog).

So if you’ve got nothing better to do, and you feel like looking at the same picture over and over again (with just the weather and the leaves changing) head on over to saxonwoods.blogspot.com

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