Blessing of the Animals

Blessing of the Animals

This morning at the 10 o’clock service we did the propers for St. Francis (which is actually tomorrow), and at the end of the service we had representative animals come forward to be blessed and then lead the procession out. What this actually meant was all the staff pets cam forward- Dorothee with her snake (“Monty” Python), Alexander with Dorothee’s fish, Melanie with Belle the cat, Tami & William with Pickles the lizard, Crispy with Yang the Gerbil, and Jackie with Holly. Holly was extremely well behaved and joined the receiving line after the service and was petted by many small children- and she didn’t eat any of them! Sasha was nowhere to be seen through all of this- not really surprising.

Then at 4 we had the open Blessing of the Animals in the columbarium- many dogs etc. and mostly well behaved!

Here’s Holly being held by Grace while I was taking pictures-

Here she is looking most adorable-

And finally, here’s a nice picture of the two of us that Dorothee took (Holly looks tiny in this, but I think it’s just ‘cos I’m so huge)-

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