Tobago- Day 13

Tobago- Day 13

Last day here- mostly spent packing and having a last lunch at the Buccaneer and a last dip in the plunge pool (the sea is very rough, either the remnants of Earl or the early effects of Fiona).

I’ve just come back from dropping Ma, Pa & Josh at the airport to get their flight to London. It was wonderful to spend the time with them, I shall miss them terribly! We have a cab coming at 7:30 to take us to catch our flight to Trinidad and then on to New York. Jake and Crispy are watching House and we’ll probably finish what’s left in the fridge and have a last plunge before the cab comes.

We owe Malcolm and Annie (owners of the villa) a huge thank you- this has been truly magical!

It was rainy and thundery this morning- the island Gods grumbling about us leaving!
But the Bananaquits were around to say goodbye
Grandpa & Josh
Jake and Grandma
Last lunch at the Buccaneer Bar in Stonehaven
We shall miss Villa Tosca! (if you’re interested in renting it check

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