Is this Vet crazy!

Is this Vet crazy!

When I woke up this morning I was greeted by a dog who could put no weight on her right, front leg. She was fine last night when she went out to pee last thing so I wondered if maybe she’d just slept on it wrong, but when she was still limping an hour later (and not getting up to say hi when the cat came in) I called the vet and made her an appointment for 9am.

When we got to the vet I lifted her out of the car and as we walked in there was no trace of a limp! We went in to see the vet anyway, and as she couldn’t find anything wrong we all went outside and she had me walk Holly up and down- and there was the limp. Apparently this happens- the dog gets so tense and/or exited that they forget it hurts.

She had another good look over that leg and still couldn’t find anything really wrong except a little tenderness in the elbow. She thinks it is probably a slight sprain, and rather than go to the expense of x-rays and stuff she has put Holly on a mild anti-inflammatory, observation and REST- hence the title of this post. I’m not supposed to take Holly for more than a walk around the block on a leash for the next 3 or 4 days- so no Saxon Woods and no off-leash tennis ball chasing! She is gonna be so wound up and crazy without a good run!

Anyhow, hopefully this is all it is and we can get through the weekend with a crazy dog with untapped energy and we can get back to the woods on Monday! Wish us luck!

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