Tobago- Day 9

Tobago- Day 9

When we got back to the villa Josh, Crisp and I went up to have a look around the unfinished hotel at the top of the hill that was supposed to be the jewel of this little complex- it’s a real shame as you can see that it could be spectacular, but they ran out of money years ago and so it sits and what they did finish gently rots.

This would have been the main entrance
And the lobby
Then, just below, is this domed area that would probably have been the restaurant- it has the most amazing, almost science-fictioney echoes!

Then, as you look out down the hill, there are these weird bunkers built into the hill- more guest rooms or what? That’s our villa’s blue roof just showing in the middle of the picture
No glass in any of the windows, so it looks like some sort of ruined, fairy-tale castle in the evening light

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