Tobago- Day 8

Tobago- Day 8

Wonderful day today after the victory of the boys and me passing our SCUBA exam. We went down to our local beach (Stonehaven) and had an excellent, simple lunch at the Buccaneer Bar-

Where Crispy proceeded to introduce Grandma to the joys of an iPod Touch- now she wants an iPhone!

Then it was onto the beach itself to spend the whole lazy afternoon.

Josh built himself a fort out of driftwood, that was soon appropriated by one of the local dogs as a lovely, shady spot to sit 🙂 Here’s Grandpa helping to erect the flagpole-

And here’s the tenant enjoying the view-

Meanwhile Jackie (who’s nursing a cold- I ask you, who gets a cold in the tropics?), Crispy and I enjoyed playing in the mild surf-

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