Tobago- Day 6

Tobago- Day 6

Crisp and I did our final two open water dives today (Josh has a bit of a clogged ear so he wisely sat out today- he can always do the last two dives next week if it clears up, or when he gets home if he just shows his logbook). We had a blast and finished our last couple of water skills at the beginning of each dive so we could then spend the rest of the time exploring the reef with Chris, our instructor. The first dive was on Dutchman’s Reef, and the second on Mount Irvine Wall- both dives were down to 12 meters so no underwater pics I’m afraid. We saw Angel Fish, Parrot Fish, Sea Cucumbers, huge Sea Urchins, Bass, more kinds of Coral and Sponges than I can remember, and (the highlight for me) swam through a huge school of purple and yellow Creole Wrasse. Oh, and we dropped into the water by doing that thing where you sit on the edge of the boat and roll in backwards- that’s one of the things on my bucket list I’ve always wanted to do!

Crispy was amazing- it’s like he’s been doing this for ever! There was a wonderful moment where I looked over at him while I was doing one of the skills, and while he was waiting for his turn he was making sandcastles 12 meters underwater!

 Chris pointing out the landmarks on the shore on the way to the first dive

 Coming up on Mount Irvine Wall

And the day started well for him because he got to get up-close and personal with a baby Leatherback Turtle. A nest on the beach by the dive center (Turtle Beach of course) had hatched overnight and unfortunately the local dogs (there are dogs everywhere on Tobago!) had got to them, but one had been rescued by someone and was sitting at the dive center in a bucket with some wet sand. Apparently SOS (Save Our Sea-turtles- a local environmental organization) were going to pick him up later and release him out at sea this evening, but first Crispy got to say hi.

 Poor little guy- hope he makes it!

Crispy and new friend

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