Ward Pound Ridge- Red Trail

Ward Pound Ridge- Red Trail

Holly and I went back to Ward Pound Ridge this morning, and decided to hike the “red” trail this time, with a small detour to Leatherman’s cave and the scenic overlook (you can see their trail map here). The trail map lists this route as 5.6 miles, but my trusty Google phone GPS said we covered 8.1 miles!

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It was a nice walk, not as strenuous as the “blue” trail last week, but longer. And although it started raining about half way round and then just wavered in intensity, we both enjoyed ourselves! Here are a few pics with the waterproof camera I’d stuck in my pack (making good use of the self-timer for some!).

Here’s Holly cooling off in a stream before the rain started.

Here we are in Leatherman’s cave (interesting story about him- apparently he was a traveler who did a 365 mile route around the area every 34 days in the 1800s, sleeping in caves and relying on hand-outs for food- more here).

And here we are at the scenic outlook- you can see how wet I was!

Not the best weather for a view, but here it is anyway.

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