A quiet moment in a busy weekend

A quiet moment in a busy weekend

We had a funeral on Thursday, a wedding rehearsal yesterday, a funeral this morning, and we have a wedding this afternoon! Jake and Crispy have gone to the pool and I’m out in the woods with Holly for a few quiet minutes.

I’m so grateful I have Holly to make me come out for quiet moments like this every day. I’d love to think I could keep up the habit of walking every day, but I know that without those big, brown doggy eyes looking at me (and the thought of a high-energy, mostly border collie unwalked in a very small apartment!) I would soon find excuses not to go. Some days it feels like a chore to have head out, but by the time I’m actually out in the woods I’m always glad I came. I love watching Holly’s sheer joy in running throught the woods, and I love having the chance to think things through and sort the day out in my mind.

Anyway, enough waxing philosophical about the joys of dog walking- got to get back to the church to meet a florist…

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