Busy Days!

Busy Days!

We were a busy and very productive family the last couple of days!

We had dropped off the minivan at our favourite garage on Thursday afternoon (it needed an oil change and an inspection) and they had called to say it needed rear shocks and an a/c recharge as well, so they needed to keep it overnight ’til they got the parts. So that afternoon we all headed over to Saxon Woods so Jackie and Crisp could play mini-golf on the course next to the pool while I walked the dog. While we were there we saw the info on getting a family pool pass that lets us use the pool any time we want over the summer, so we decided to come back on Friday when the office was open to get one- I drive over to Saxon Woods every day with the dog and so we could all come in the afternoons (after camp for Crisp and summer school for Jake) and the two of them could have an hour or so in the pool, then Jake could meet me outside and grab the dog for 10 minutes while I run in for a cooling dip, then we could all have a picnic dinner.

On Friday morning I went out to open up all the classrooms in the church for the teachers of the Ward Institute to set up (it’s a remedial reading camp for kids from Port Chester that we are hosting for the month of July), then Robyn came over with her 3 kids and we all went down and hung out on the nursery school playground for a while. After a quick lunch we went to pick up the minivan and then went over to Saxon Woods pool to buy our season swim pass, and from there went on to White Plains to drop off the Hyundai for it’s oil change and inspection at the dealer there, and while it was being done we went to the big Stop and Shop next door and did our weekly shop. Then we came home, put away the groceries, grabbed swim suits and the dog and headed back to Saxon Woods where Jake and CJ went to the pool while I did the long loop around the woods with the dog. We met up after our walk on the picnic tables by the pool for sandwiches and then headed home.

Later we decided to go and see the fireworks at Playland from the park, so we headed out to watch them from a park bench overlooking the beach:

Overall a fun and busy day to begin the holiday weekend!

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