Well the rain held off…for a while

Well the rain held off…for a while

Although it was mostly overcast and VERY humid we had a good turnout for the picnic and everyone seemed to have a good time.

After everything was cleaned up Jake, Crispy and Jodi got in the van to head for Philly for our niece Amber’s Graduation Party and Art Show Opening- I didn’t go because it’s a 3 hour drive each way so they probably won’t be back much before 10 and we couldn’t leave the dog that long (plus the fact that I’m shattered after the picnic, two weddings and the prom this weekend!).

I stayed home and started to fool around with some of the pictures I took at the prom; they gave us a room with the worst possible lighting so I’m trying to fix them up and crop them down to size etc. using the GIMP (the free, open-source, and some would say superior, equivalent of Photoshop). Then, when I got bored with that and the dog said it was time, we headed out to Saxon Woods and got caught in a huge thunderstorm and got drenched!

I was a little unprepared, wearing just the cargo shorts, sneakers and Hawaiian shirt I had been wearing at the picnic, but the good thing about always having a container of poo-bags attached to Holly’s leash is that I could just pull out 3, slip my cell-phone, iPod and wallet into them, pop them back in my pockets and carry on 🙂 And, as luck would have it, I had stuck the waterproof camera in my pocket before leaving as well, so here are a few interesting pictures from the storm.

And finally- here’s a wink from Holly!

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