Great Wolf & the Pentax Optio W80

Great Wolf & the Pentax Optio W80

Well, we’re back home and I can finally see if I can post some of the pictures and videos from our new Pentax Optio W80 camera. This thing is pretty amazing- it takes great pictures (even in the less-than-perfect lighting of an indoor waterpark) and takes HD videos too. And it’s waterproof to 5 meters underwater!

It just feels so wrong to get into a swimming pool or on a waterslide with something that seems so delicate- I mean I’ve spent my life trying not to get electronics wet. But this thing is not only waterproof, but shockproof too, so it seemed ideal for us for this trip and for Tobago in the summer. And so far I’m very impressed! Great pictures and videos and it spent the last couple of days either in my hand or in a canvas beltpack I was wearing in the waterpark- so it was either submerged or getting splashed or surrounded by wet canvas the whole time!

Anyhow- here is me and Crispy going down the roller-coaster waterslide at Great Wolf yesterday (I had to compress the video a bit to fit within Google Video’s 100MB limit- but it still looks pretty good!)

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