And one more thing…

And one more thing…

Sorry- one more thing I’ve got to get off my chest- what’s with the plastic TARDIS?

BBCAmerica has been showing a marathon of the last series all day as a lead up to the new one at 9pm, and it’s made me realize something else that was niggling at me. In the last series the TARDIS is clearly a blue-stained, wooden Police Box…in the new series it is obviously blue plastic molded with a wood grain. Take a look when the light hits it and you’ll see I’m right.

I’m sure a plastic TARDIS is a lot lighter and easier to move around when you’re filming, but it’s just another example of sloppy lack of attention to detail in the new series- and while I’m sure some may say it’s part of the new TARDIS that the inside looks different so so should the outside, I say either use a proper, wooden TARDIS or make a plastic one that isn’t so obvious. The finish on the old one was weather-beaten and matte (it’s been around for a while after all, and has been through a lot)- the new one is shiny and cheap looking.

Sorry, I’m done now.

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