So I finally pulled the trigger and used some of our anticipated tax refund to get myself an Amazon Kindle ebook reader.

It’s the 6″ display global version that is supposed to work worldwide (in fact according to the coverage maps it should even give me very basic web browsing in Tobago this summer!). And so far (I only got it yesterday) I love it!

It’s amazing how quickly you forget that you’re not reading a book, and the device basically becomes transparent. And the ability to slightly raise the font size is much appreciated (I’m sure bifocals are in my future). I have already added a whole slew of books to it- The next Maggie O’Dell mystery in the series by Alex Kava I’m reading, and I have lined up “The Lovely Bones” and “Shutter Island”. And in case I get bored (and am stuck on a desert island) I added the Bible (KJV of course) and Shakespeare for $0.99 each! It can hold up to 1500 books so I’m not worried about filling it too fast, and I think I’m going to try the free 2 week trial subscription for the NY Times so that I have that to read at breakfast this weekend while I’m away with the confirmands (more on that later I’m sure). The cover for the Kindle is supposed to come this afternoon, and the weekend will be a good test of what it’s like to spend time with it- I’m not going to take any other reading material or a laptop with me so I’ll have to rely on the browser in my phone or the very basic one in this for connectivity, and this alone for entertainment (not that I’ll have much time, but it’s nice to have something to read before bed).

I’ll post a picture of the cover when it comes- and a full review after I’ve lived with the Kindle for the weekend- but so far, so good!

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