Another round of snow

Another round of snow

We’ve got about 10″ on the ground so far, and are supposed to get another 10-12″ at least. I’ve already been around with the snow blower once, and am about to go out again (and I’m sure there’ll be another trip after that before it’s all said and done).

Our “Night at the Museum” overnight at the Natural History Museum has been postponed (much to Jackie’s relief as she would have had to go with Crispy in my place and she wasn’t looking forward to trying to sleep in a room with 300 cub scouts!). So instead tonight we’ll hunker down and eat bits and pieces out of the freezer and watch the vampire movie (Twilight) that Crispy’s been dieing to watch on the big screen.

OK, gotta get dressed in my snow gear and go do another pass with the snowblower…TTFN 😉

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