The Year of the Dog!

The Year of the Dog!

Having just come in from a very brisk, windy walk with the dog (20 degrees Fahrenheit , 14 with the wind-chill, that’s -10 for you Celsius users), I am tempted to reminisce that it is exactly a year ago today that we brought Holly home from the Elmsford Animal Shelter.

She was 5 months old, and they told us she was a Rat Terrier. We now know that she is in fact mostly Border Collie (according to the DNA test I had done a while ago she’s 60% Border Collie, 30% English Springer Spaniel, and 10% Yorkshire Terrier), and she certainly has the Border Collie’s intelligence and energy!

If you average it out that we walk about 3 miles together every day (well, I walk about 3 miles- sometimes more, sometimes less- she probably runs closer to 5 or 6) then we’ve covered over a thousand miles over the last year. I certainly feel a lot better for it, and she looks pretty good on it too!

She can be sweet, infuriating, and underfoot- and often all at once; and although Jackie likes to call her “Your dog”, I think she likes her really, and Crispy adores her. I’m kinda fond of her myself!

So, here’s to many more “Years of the Dog” with Holly!

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