Busy Day

Busy Day

Won’t be long out of bed as I’ve had a busy and productive day! Apart from doing laundry, dishes and other general houseworky stuff I took the dog for two three mile walks and have just got back from an hour in the pool at the Y with Crispy.

Being in the pool felt comfortable for the first time in I-can’t-remember-how-long, all due to the fact that I finally got a pair of prescription swim goggles. I was looking on swim supply web site for some new goggles for Crispy for camp (he’ll be swimming every day), and there they were for $10 a pair! I don’t know why, but I always thought they’d be ridiculously expensive ‘cos they’d have to be ‘specially made, but no- I just used this web site to work out what Crispy and I needed (it has instructions on how to calculate what prescription you need, taking astigmatism etc. into account) and ordered two pairs for us each, one for the prescription in each eye. Then when they arrived I simply took them apart and put them back together swapping one eye from each pair and presto!- two pairs of custom swim goggles for each of us for $40. They’re not perfect, but Crispy loves his, and I found them extremely comfortable to wear for an hour- no headache or eyestrain or anything- and I can finally swim laps for a bit while Crisp plays with the other kids in the pool and be able to see him from the other end of the pool- fantastic! Now I know why Mum got hers (but I bet she paid lots more than I did- I’ll have to see if she wants me to bring her some).

Right- a quick check of the news and off to bed- Holly has just come in with the new chew toy I got her today. She seems to like it, but Jackie and I can’t quite get over the fact that the ends of it look like testicles!


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