Sunday School

Sunday School

Crispy was the only kid in his Sunday School class today, and they were discussing the Gospel reading (John 15:9-17, “…As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you…”). So the teacher made a poster of who Jesus’ friends are-

So Crispy made a picture of his friends, his pets-

Then he drew a picture of Yin & Yang and how they sleep (like Yin & Yang)-

And then he drew a regular Yin and Yang and started putting opposites on either side: life & death, joy & suffering, friends and enemies.

He told his teacher that you can’t have one without the other- if you didn’t have suffering you wouldn’t recognise joy- but then he said he was going to put love and hate on there, but you can have love without hate so he didn’t know where to put it.

His Sunday School teacher was pretty impressed with this- and so am I! Do you think he’s going to grow up and be a priest, it does run in the family?

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  1. If not a priest- certainly a prodigy.His great grandfather and his great great grandfather would be proud.(As are his grandma and grandpa!)

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