Well, I’m here in Louisiana.

The Solomon Conference Center is beautiful, with pine trees and a lake and everything. The rooms are very nice- in fact they’d put some motels I’ve stayed in to shame- two twin beds and a sofa in my room with a small but clean and servicable bathroom en suite and a nice view of the lake (I’ll try and take and post some pictures tomorrow).

We’ve had our initial meeting and first worship service this evening after dinner- worship every day, and sometimes more than once!!! I’m not sure about this 😉

People seem nice- a good mix of all sorts. I heven’t met them all ‘cos 5 just turned up five minutes ago due to a major snowstorm in Denver- so I assume they’re all West-Coasters.

Tomorrow begins with an optional choice of a walk or “stretch & pray”- guess which one I shall join. Then breakfast and morning prayer before we get into the real start of the conference workshops.

I’m sitting typing this in the main lobby room where there is good wifi, it doesn’t work in the bedrooms. But the good news is that Skype works really well so I could call Crispy and Jackie earlier both on the regular phone via Skype and as a Skype video call earlier on. No cell phone coverage- it’s really weird walking around without either my keys or my phone on my belt!

Sorry if this is a little disjointed- it’s been a long day of travelling so I shall head off for bed and hope to tell you more tomorrow.

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