Rainy Walk- First Human/Dog Comparison

Rainy Walk- First Human/Dog Comparison

So, I finally got what I needed to do my dog/human walk comparison- I’ll post again later with all the details of what I did- for now, here is the first comparison map of me and Holly’s walk this afternoon in the rain:

It was raining a bit when we set out to do our usual full loop, but when the heavens really opened and the thunder started we took an early out to loop back to the car (thank goodness Holly doesn’t seem bothered by thunder at all!). But then the rain let up a little so we looped up to the north of the parking lot and explored around there- so we ended up doing this odd “figure-eight”.

You have to zoom in pretty close to really see the difference between Holly’s track and mine as she kept pretty close to me the whole way in the rain (and we didn’t run into any other dogs to play with), but by the end she had covered 2.96 miles to my 2.62.

I am using tickmarks on this map to show the distance and direction- mouseover them for the distance- which should mean the map doesn’t take forever to load like the last one (thanks to an email from Adam Schneider, the author of GPSVisualizer, thanks Adam!), and you can click on the track legends to show or hide the tracks.

Next time hopefully it won’t be raining so hard so Holly will run about more, but at least now I have the system and stuff I need to do this whenever I want 🙂

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